Spirit Raven Perfume

Image of Spirit Raven Perfume

10.5"H x 10"W x 5"D

Wheel thrown porcelain perfume with hand carved leaves and hand sculpted Raven. Airbrushed matte glazes fired to maturity in an oxidation kiln. Limited edition of 20.
1/20 Signed and dated. Sculptural nonfunctional perfume

Ah the Raven, the Bird of Magic! So many stories and legends celebrate this wonderful bird, including Her ability to shapeshift, bring magic and the ability to speak, if She should chose to do so. Playful and talented with using tools to gain that which She wishes, Raven is a wonderful teacher reminding us that we, too, can bring Light out of Darkness so that we may adapt and "find a way" as it were, in all situations. In this way Raven shows us the way to the Creative.