Hummingbird Waterlily Box

Image of Hummingbird Waterlily Box

8.5 "H x 5.5"W x 5"D Wheel thrown porcelain with hand carved waterlily . Hand modeled hummingbird with waterlily backdrop. Airbrushed matte glazes fired to maturity in an oxidation kiln. Signed and dated.

Waterlily magic embraces innocence, purity, spirituality, hope and peace,. Fossils of the waterlily have been recorded as old as 60 million years. And then we have the hummer, bringing with her joyful living, playfulness and a fiercely independent nature. She is migratory, often traveling several thousand miles in her travels, yet takes much care in building her intricate nest. This is my kind of bird!

Suitable as a jewelry box, or as a urn. Ships Fedex/insured/double boxed.